Asking for help is one of the toughest things to do.

I think it's easiest for me to say asking for help with my diet was one of the best things .. BUT I actually want to be a bit more transparent.

Asking for help is EMBARRASSING.
Asking for help on personal finances is... sickening?

I was an idiot out of college. I had a great job in NYC and could pay my bills and have a little bit of fun... 

Fast forward a few months later and the.. "oh I can charge this and just pay it off next month..." ADDED UP.

Credit Card Debt.

Asking for help... not to pay it off.. but HOW to pay it off.. was probably one of the most embarrassing things of my life.

I needed someone to keep me accountable... To help me realize that buying groceries, being better about my Starbucks runs, budgeting out my necessary expenses and prioritizing the not necessary expenses.. all would help me get the debt back to $0 so that I could save for a house, or whatever I wanted.

So .. whether its with your diet, or your bank account... learning how to ask for help.. even if its just to keep accountable and on track... it's something to be VERY GRATEFUL for... I know I certainly am.

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