So this is a funny one...

Because I wouldn't even admit I know how to cook.

Mom & Dad made us food growing up - I knew the very basics of scrambled eggs, tortollini & sandwiches.

In college I ate in the dining all and learned the basics of snacking & microwaves.

After graduation I moved to NYC and had to fit in.. so ate out... for every meal.

It actually took about 30 lbs of fat for me to be like "HELLO ABBEY YOU NEED TO LEARN TO COOK"

So I started with breakfast. I made eggs for myself to take to work every single morning.

At the time, I started ordering BiteMeals as well for the rest of my day of meals.

It wasn't until I moved to Houston when I really had to figure out how to make food.

Honestly, I kept it REALLY simple in the beginning in terms of baking chicken breast and meats. And EVERYTHING I would try that was new... I looked up on Pinterest.

At some point, cooking became enjoyable. And it still is for me. But I'm very grateful for starting to really learn because it simply saves me a ton of $$$ and I can make a healthy version of almost everything!

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